Who is USER221?

Who is USER221?
Many of you have probably heard about an Opensea account – user221. He made quite a lot of noise on Twitter lately, and now his name has started to pop up in NFT chats more and more often.
So that you could better understand what kind of person, or maybe even team, he is, I decided to do some research and write about what kind of person he is.
⏭ | Beginning of the journey
User221 came out of nowhere last November and almost immediately caused a furor on NFT Twitter. Prior to that, very few people were taking NFT out via contract (hello Hassan).
User221 got his first mention in twitter thanks to taking out the Swampverse collection, then he managed to min 470 NFT (link to the transaction (https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0b42b37fb288569e4e5a98fe2f59515bb160b96fbcb2514b6bd427282b4be1b0)).
And then he realized that he had discovered the endless money machine at the time and started taking out everything he could take out.
💸 | Money Machine
The next takeout after the Swampverse wasn't long in coming. Already on the first day of December, he takes out the RPG collection Wizards & Dragons: Reborn, and then more collections.
If you look at his activity on opensea, you can see that almost every week he took something out.
The most interesting thing in this story is that at that time he had almost no competitors. This allowed him to make millions of dollars from the NFT flip.
💽 | The stories that brought him the most popularity
When user221 was bringing out the middle seals, he was only known about in tight circles. His first big hit came when he took out a coolpets sale. A lot of people tried to bypass the puzzle, which was on their site, but at the last moment, the developers changed everything and only user221 was able to kill 200+ NFT (link (https://twitter.com/nonfungiblerug/status/1491840280198356995?s=20&t=PKVQPWLvvx1H6ejl3QYJmA)).
On that day, Twitter was all about taking out coolpets by a certain user221.
The second interesting case, which gave user221 a huge popularity was Aku Dreams contract blocking and freezing all money on the contract, and there was ~30k$ in ETH for a second (link (https://twitter.com/0xKile/status/1517661817383890944?s=20&t=PKVQPWLvvx1H6ejl3QYJmA)).
Eventually, the situation was solved, but the fact that one person was able to freeze the contract completely, gave him a lot of hype and user221 became a local NFT legend.
🏝 | What he's doing now?
After minting BAYC lands and sniping lands with codes, user221 decided to take a rest, remembering to transfer all ETH into USDT for 3k (what a coincidence, he went right on the haystacks).
And now, after two months of rest, he's back… Recently, there was a WZRDS collection sale, and guess who minted over 200 grand 🙈
Now user221 is apparently back in the NFT sector and already waiting for the next opportunity.
👀 | Main wallet user221
💭 | Thoughts and Conclusions
Perhaps user221 has forever changed the NFT Mint we are used to, as his activity has motivated programmers to explore this direction and try to take out seals themselves.
This man should not create anger and hatred inside you, but on the contrary, he should give you the motivation to learn something new and become a pioneer in it.
Stay tuned ♥️

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