The Decentralized Internet is Here to Stay

The Decentralized Internet is Here to Stay


In decentralization, we trust, and in our community, we believe!

This interview is part of the #Decentralized-Internet writing contest! For those who are reading about it for the first time, HackerNoon has built a partnership with Everscale (Formely Free Ton) – a decentralized, community-powered blockchain movement for free internet! This is the last month to participate in the contest. You can see all #Decentralized-Internet stories here.

So without further ado, let’s start the interview.

Thank you for joining us! Please tell us about yourself.

I have been a DevOps and Cloud Engineer for six years and also been a Software Engineer for ten years working with different languages. I am also a lover of art and writing and published a book on Amazon CloudWatch

Let’s discuss centralized internet first. What is your opinion on the centralized internet? What are its pros/cons?

Centralized internet has taken us thus far. It has changed the way we live, think, work, love and connect with the world around us.

PROS: Centralized internet is the first frontier on how we have gotten connected in the last 20-30 years. The value it brings to the table has been tremendous and affected all facets of human endeavor, from sports to entertainment, medicine, literature, education, information, politics, and governance. Its potentials are still being harnessed in more creative and innovative ways and there is more that can be done with it with more innovations in the different facets earlier mentioned

CON: It is being plagued by regulations and laws which are gradually stifling the innovative possibilities that can exist outside these regulations. They are practically clamping down on how new technologies could further expand and change the future of life and work.

There is also the problem of central control. Big giants like Amazon and Facebook hold Petabytes of data and serve as a single source of failure for the planet. Few months ago Facebook/Meta Inc had a downtime that lead to the total collapse of the full Meta Inc services. Amazon had a downtime a couple of days ago which also affected huge co-operations such as Netflix and Disney+. This was caused solely because information flow, distribution, storage, management, scalability are solely centralized to a single authority

What does decentralization mean to you?

Decentralization simply means that power is given to the user on the network. It means everyone on the network has a stake in the network. It means that the power of the network is not tied to a single co-operation, individual or group of individuals. It means I can contribute to the growth of the network independently and be a stakeholder. Any other person can also contribute to this network and be a stakeholder. In some sense no one is a central authority of the network, no one has the autonomy to control the system and no one has the ability to destroy, alter, tamper or shutdown the system.

How decentralization changes the internet?

Enables every user of the internet to gain control and create new possibilities and new worlds around the decentralized system. The decentralization means that new standards are not decided and conjured by big co-operations anymore, but it will be a consensus of the general public because the growth, development of these systems will still be run by the community. This will also bring data closer to users of the decentralized internet

What is the best thing about decentralized internet?

The power is given to users and not to big co-operations and government that solely determines how the internet currently works

Are you currently directly or indirectly working on the decentralized internet use case? We would love to know more about it.

I am not directly working on it, but I am currently in a company that is heavy on different Blockchain technologies such as Polkadot and Kasuma which innovate around DeFi (Decentralized Finance) which is also an aspect of the decentralized internet. We are working to improve the interaction between different blockchains using the relay chain and para chain techniques.

What are the biggest challenges in the way of the decentralized web?

One of the biggest challenges of the decentralized web is scalability and security. The fact it is decentralized and power is in the hands of users and anyone, it means that the system is exposed to different types of attacks and those who will be part of the system will need to be very security conscious as malicious acting are waiting to steal and sell vital information. Since it is not also “governed” it means that the only rules that exist in the system are those created by the system itself which could pose a huge challenge. So new guards and rules need to be injected from time to time to act as some governance.

Do you have any apprehension or fear related to the decentralization of the internet?

Security is my greatest fear in the decentralization of the internet. There is also the possibility of governments and legal bodies to try and regulate it and form a hybrid between centralized and decentralized internet so that they can gain some level of control of the decentralized internet

How do you see the future of the decentralized internet?

The future seems really bright, but at the moment standards and guards need to be built into the current running system which will enable more people to be more involved. This will automatically scale the adoption of a decentralized internet. The decentralized internet will penetrate every aspect of life just the way the centralized internet did. I see more autonomous systems being built. A combination of Machine Learning and decentralized internet will create new automation that can connect various networks machines will become more intelligent because they do not receive information from a single source but various networks that make up the decentralized internet. Data explosion is going to be in multiples,

Thank you for your time! Any closing thoughts/advice for the readers?

Decentralized internet is here to stay, let us see how much it brings to the table and see how we can contribute to harnessing its advantages. At the same time, we should be ready for the downsides it will pose and be ever ready to capture and fix these issues as they arise. Centralized internet will still form the basis with which decentralized internet will thrive. Decentralized internet in the near future will integrate with current technologies like AI, Robotics, IoT, Quantum Computing and bring new frontiers to EVERYTHING

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