My Wish For a Gyroscopic Floating Table

My Wish For a Gyroscopic Floating Table

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What is a technology you wish existed but doesn’t?

I would like a gyroscopic floating table. That is, a table that floats by your side constantly and never tips over. It could be magnetic in some areas so you can place your keys on it and they don’t fall off. There could also be a cup holder on it so that you can always have a place to put your beverage. The table makes it possible for you to do other things with your hands than carrying stuff. You can also put unwanted things on the table to recycle later instead of littering.

Would it make life better or worse? How and why?

It might be helpful to a lot of people, but then again, it might discourage exercise. If it discourages exercise, it might contribute to health problems.

If you had the resources, how would you try to create it?

Yes, I have always wanted a gyroscopic floating table.

If you could ignore one law of physics, which one would you ignore? And if you could ignore it, what sort of technologies would you think would be possible?

The gyroscopic floating table would ignore the law of gravity.

Is it illegal to break the laws of physics? [This came up in a Google search and it’s a ridiculous question, but it’s also hilarious, so try and answer it.]

It might be illegal to break the laws of physics, but the attempt to break them generally fails so I think we are good.

Are standard laws of physics and quantum mechanics contradictory? Why?

There is much more to know about how the universe works, more than I will understand in my lifetime. Who can say what the big plan is?

What is your favorite math formula and why?

I’m not playing favorites.

What is the biggest thing stopping you from creating your next big idea?

The biggest thing stopping me from creating my gyroscopic floating table is self-censorship. I am so proud of myself for sharing my idea with you!


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