Computers on the Farm: Purpose of This Bulletin

Computers on the Farm: Purpose of This Bulletin
USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 2277: Computers on the Farm, by Deborah Takiff Smith is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series. You can jump to any chapter in this book here: [LINK TO TABLE OF LINK]. Purpose of This Bulletin

Purpose of This Bulletin

How can a computer help you operate your farm better?
How do you select useful computer programs (software) and equipment (hardware)?
If you have a computer or plan to get one, what information can you obtain with your computer that will be useful for your farm operation?
This publication will help you answer such questions. It will help you evaluate and select a new system, or get more out of the one you already have.
The key components of computer systems you may want to know about are:
Hardware—the physical equipment itself.Software—the computer programs on tape or disk, andOnline sources of information—such as current market and weather information and technical reports.
This publication offers guidelines to help farmers select hardware, software, and online information. (See the glossary at the end of this publication for definitions of specialized computer terms.)
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Smith, Deborah Takiff. 2019. USDA Farmers; Bulletin No. 2277: Computer on the Farm. Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved May 2022 from
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