Choose Your Color: HackerNoon Green, and Beyond!

Choose Your Color: HackerNoon Green, and Beyond!
Colors. Some people talk about how HackerNoon green is a thing. And it is, 100M+ people have visited HackerNoon, and some percentage thought, hmm are they really leading with #00FF00? It made us stand out. It paid homage to limitation of our past and present machines. How colors make us feel and how colors frame our ability to focus on the story or wander into the metaverse, this is because the individual's emotional relationship with color is entirely their own. As we work to make our software more accessible, this new release by Jeferson Borba provides all visitors with the ability to choose the primary color of the site and primary color of the ad placement. Just because I like green without red or blue does not mean you have to too. Choose your colors!
Now on every page, you can click the paintbrush icon on the right side of our top navigation ad, and this will dropdown:
You can also access "Colors" in your user settings to change the primary color of the site and the ad placements.
The defaults (Evergreen, Duotone, Mysterious, and Classic) are from our brand guidelines, but you can choose whatever HEX your heart desires.
Featured image "credit", Kien Dao, who also made HackerNoon Paintbrush Icon minted below:

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