5 Powerful Employee Upskilling and Mentoring Tools

5 Powerful Employee Upskilling and Mentoring Tools
Lifelong education and professional development have been steadily trending in the corporate world over the past few years. According to Gallup’s recent Upskilling Study, 65% of employees view company-provided upskilling as “very important” when deciding on a potential new job. 
With the rapid advancement of technology, corporate learning has now gone mostly digital, relying on a wide range of e-learning and LMS platforms. I have compiled a list of useful tools, both purpose-specific and cross-functional, that can ease the task of managing the upskilling of your employees.

Dabster — skill-based onboarding and mentoring 

Dabster is an onboarding and learning management platform which is equally beneficial for both in-house and remote employees. Unlike most corporate learning solutions, this one is skill-based rather than course-based—which means, you have a lot more flexibility in delivering knowledge to users, depending on their positions and desirable skill sets.
With Dabster, you can create essential skill tracks for speedy onboarding of new employees as well as devise personal development trajectories to enhance performance. The solution also features profound mentoring tools and dashboards to design new skills, review employees’ progress, provide them with feedback and create growth plans. 

Miro — a collaborative workspace

Miro is a visual collaboration platform that can serve multiple purposes. Basically, the main tool here is an infinite whiteboard that can be adapted for various use cases, such as planning, brainstorming, building workflows, and more. When it comes to upskilling, Miro is perfect for designing learning tracks or outlining onboarding roadmaps.
Since the solution’s primary focus is on team collaboration, it can also be used for engaging employees during webinars or workshops to make sure they grasp the material well. Besides, there’s a vast template gallery where you can pick ready-made templates and tailor them to your needs. For example, here’s an onboarding template for product teams.

TalentLMS — corporate learning platform

TalentLMS is a powerful learning management solution that is easy to set up. The platform can be used for various scenarios: from onboarding new employees to compliance and product training to upskilling, etc. Moreover, TalentLMS also enables you to train external audiences, such as customers and partners.
Apart from taking advantage of rich course-building opportunities and various content formats, platform users can get access to an extensive library of ready-made courses, which makes it easier to organize the upskilling process. Numerous customizations and automations help to enhance the learning experience for each team and every employee. The platform also enables integrations with other business software and can be accessed across multiple platforms.

Guider — AI-fueled mentoring

Guider is a corporate learning solution powered by AI that enables companies to organize mentoring programs for employees—from matching, to scheduling, to monitoring progress. AI algorithms match users based on their skills, needs and propensities to make a successful mentoring relationship. The platform also provides handy tools for setting goals and tracking success. 
Guider features video chat which is convenient for upskilling remote or hybrid teams. Besides, managers can have access to overall data to evaluate the success of mentoring and locate gaps. What’s more, the platform enables flexible customization for your current business needs and mentoring requirements.

Notion — corporate data ecosystem

Notion is another popular multipurpose platform that is often used for storing a company’s expertise and sharing knowledge across teams and employees. And while it is not specifically tailored for the upskilling or mentoring processes, its functionality is flexible enough to enable small or medium teams with no extra budgets for a standalone LMS to successfully adapt it for their purposes.
For example, Notion can serve as an excellent tool for adapting new employees by means of checklists, learning materials and guidelines. It can also provide teams with a framework for continuous learning by making it easy to tap into the company’s tribal knowledge. Multiple templates are there to help organize your data in a meaningful way. Besides, Notion includes tools for building and managing workflows, which, too, can help invigorate your team’s upskilling process.  

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