5 Best WordPress Countdown Plugins

5 Best WordPress Countdown Plugins

WordPress countdown plugins are a great way to generate excitement and a feeling of urgency for sales or product debuts. They’re also a terrific approach to let visitors know that your website is undergoing repair and when they can expect it to resume operations.

This article will teach you about the top 5 best WordPress Countdown Plugins.

What are Countdown Timers?

A countdown timer is a virtual clock that indicates the start or finish of an event or offer by counting down from a specific number or date. Due to the fact that “time is running out,” this page element helps generate a sense of urgency that increases conversions.

Countdown timers may also be used to count down to a specified day and time when an offer will be made available.

Countdown Timer Use Cases

Email marketing

Some people might be surprised to learn that an email countdown timer can be included. It simply functions as a countdown animated GIF for an upcoming occasion or time.

This study found that a well-placed timer may boost conversion by up to 400 percent.

A countdown timer may be used in emails in a number of different ways. For example, an event, such as seasonal sales, might come to an end when the timer runs out. The previous illustration illustrates the number of days till retirement. Companies that provide retirement services can employ such inventive timers.

Product pages

In recent years, product pages have increasingly included countdown clocks. To add to their product pages, many customers search for a trustworthy Shopify countdown timer and countdown timer app.

Customers that visit a product page are quite likely to make a purchase, albeit they might not do so immediately. Therefore, using countdown clocks to provide incentives might be a great approach to maintain their attention and persuade them to make a purchase.

Checkout Pages

Many believe that this is their final shot at gaining a client. This tactic is used to lower cart abandonment rates, which can reach 80%.

At this point, you can pressure your consumer to proceed with the purchase by applying a little pressure.

5 Best WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins


Start using POWR’s free form builder, contact form, popup, social network feed, countdown timer, picture gallery, image and video slider, and other features right away. With code-free installation, you can set up POWR on your WordPress website in a matter of minutes.

Some of POWR’s plugin features include that you don’t need to know how to code or hire a developer. You get access to 60 plugins for FREE with one WordPress installation, one login, and one editor. You can also integrate the POWR plugin with Gutenberg Editor.

You can also upgrade each plugin individually or get unlimited access to everything! Everything is fully customizable with POWR, and you get to choose your own fonts, colors, styles, sizing, and more.

Lastly, it is compatible with all WordPress, Elementor themes, and WooCommerce, and don’t forget about the free support if you’re facing any problems.


JetElements has a total of 45 widgets. There are several different widget types, including those that showcase numerical data, organize media, create stunning visual effects, promote businesses & brands, work with WooCommerce, and serve a few more functions.

You get 18 custom fields, and yes, dynamic content is also supported. On top of that, JetElements support several languages. You can decide if you want a standalone purchase ($24 for a single website or $49 for unlimited websites) or a Crocoblock suite lifetime membership (20 plugins for Elementor & Gutenberg, 150+ widgets, pre-made templates) is currently available for $750 for unlimited websites.

JetElements comes with 24/7 live chat & zoom support for all customers. You get a lot of value for your money. It is easy to use and understand and delivers excellent results.

WordPress Countdown Builder

A number of preconfigured timers are available for selection in Countdown Builder, a straightforward countdown timer. Shortcodes may be used to insert the countdown timers into your content. The timers include a number of modification options, and you can add even more customization with JavaScript and CSS. Additionally, a Coming Soon feature is included. Finally, add-ons can be used to enlarge it.

WordPress Countdown Builder lets you choose between multiple countdown types that include a clock, countdown, popup, timer, and even more. However, the free version only consists of 7 types.

Some features that WordPress Countdown Builder has to offer include shortcodes, a live preview, multiple countdown types, and a coming soon feature. In addition, the pro version adds advanced options such as a subscription form, multiple scheduling, a newsletter, a progress bar, styling features,  a countdown button, and other extensions.

The pro version starts at $19.98.

Hurry Timer

With the help of the multi-use countdown timer HurryTimer, you can instill a sense of urgency and scarcity that encourages clicks, boosts purchases, and draws attention to impending occasions or deadlines. Hurry Timer has a lite (FREE) and a pro version ($39 annually).

Some of the features on the lite version include Evergreen & One-time countdown timers plus Cookie & IP detection techniques for Evergreen campaigns. You also get WooCommerce integration and conditionally display a countdown timer on the product page.

Some expiry actions you get include: Hide countdown timer, Redirect to URL, Display a message, Change WooCommerce product stock status, Hide WooCommerce product “Add to cart” button. Furthermore, you can Auto-Restart your countdowns. In addition, you get a live design customizer and Custom labels (days, hours, minutes, seconds.)

Lastly, you also received a Call-To-Action button, Scheduled Campaigns, and you can Display the same countdown timer multiple times on the same page, not to mention it is compatible with all page builders out-of-the-box.

Ultimate Addons For Elementor

There are many sophisticated and distinctive features included in Ultimate Addons for Elementor that you won’t find in other third-party plugins. It is a handy tool that provides more than 21 widgets. In addition, it has outstanding features that make website design simple for everyone, including those without coding experience.

Some of the features Ultimate Addons For Elementor has to offer to include 3 different types of timers, timer expiry actions, flash animations for clocks, beautiful custom labels, trendy layouts, and responsive design.

In terms of the pricing, you can get an annual subscription starting at $59 or a once purchase starting at $239.


What are the differences between a fixed, evergreen, and recurring timer?

The amount of time, expressed in terms of years, months, days, etc., is displayed using a fixed countdown timer. The amount of time a specific user has to take advantage of the offer is displayed using an evergreen countdown timer.

A recurring timer is a timer that may be set to appear at a given time and date and then, after it has expired, to reappear at predetermined intervals of time, such as days or even months.

What timezone does the timer use?

Most countdown timer plugins will allow you to select the appropriate time zone to fit your countdown.


All of these WordPress countdown plugins are fantastic. The right choice for you will depend on what you’re looking to do with the timer. Some of them are better with certain things than others, so check which one of them matches your requirements best!

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