22 Internet Stories From Hacker News, and Beyond!

22 Internet Stories From Hacker News, and Beyond!
This is the first weekly list of top content collected from hacker news and other sources about tech, science, privacy, and other interesting news.


  1. Tailwind 3.0 released with big changes.
  2. Blender 3.0 released
  3. Is Web3 anything?
  4. Great review on Bash use and shortcuts.
  5. Intresting. El Salvador president makes Bitcoin the official currency along with US dollar.
  6. Russia blocks Tor and other related restrictions.
  7. What an AWS outage would mean for the world and should AWS be relied on?
  8. Modernize Wikipedia UX browser extension.
  9. EU pushing open source software for security and best interest of the public.


  1. Chrome’s new Manifest V3 restricts extension capabilities and weakens privacy functionality of extensions.
  2. Apple’s new do not track button. Does Apple really protect your privacy?
  3. Is discord spyware?


  1. New study claims that crows are self-aware and the article outlines why this is and it has to do with the density and size of neurons in the crows.
  2. BBC Gears discovered in ancient Greek device that calculates the cosmos.
  3. New eye drops can apparently temperately fix blurred vision for some by dilating pupils
  4. Study finds a group of neurons responsible for encoding and interpreting memories. Possible location for causing schizophrenia or psychosis in misinterpreting memories as reality.
  5. Personality altering parasite found in cats may effect up to 80% of humans.
  6. Slow wave sleep found to improve memory recall


  1. Why facts don’t change minds
  2. Genius idea to remove YouTube recommendations with ad blocker.
  3. Discussion. What could it be like 100 years from now?
  4. Someone make a no-code site that makes apps.
What articles do you think should have been mentioned this week or that you found interesting? What do you think about any of the listed articles?
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