✨ Announcing ModernCSS.dev

✨ Announcing ModernCSS.dev

Thanks to everyone who has shown this series love, I obtained the domain ModernCSS.dev

Right now, it’s essentially using DEV as a headless CMS to feed posts directly. But I’d love to expand it to additional resources, so stay tuned!

It was fun to design, really fun to learn 11ty, and includes stuff I’ve talked about in this series plus a few things to hopefully surprise and delight.

Tech & Stats

  • 11ty – a static site generator capable of using Node modules and mixing template languages which was perfect for this type of project. It’s also wickedly speedy!
  • html-css-jumpstart – I expanded the minimal Sass/HTML starter that I recently released
  • Netlify – hosting
  • IFTTT – watches RSS feed to ping Netlify webhook to republish site when new DEV post published
  • one single teensy JS function for a bit of delight on the main page
  • 3.4kb CSS, Gzipped
  • Speed index – 0.702s
  • Lighthouse score – just shy of perfect 💯due to Google Web fonts which I’m going to resolve soon!

Feedback welcome!

Visit ModernCSS.dev >

If you find an issue, you can file it on Github.

If you have suggestions for future content or any other comments, drop ’em below!

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